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You have a game. It's almost great. 
But it's missing something: PUNCH.

No, not the kind that sits lonely, sloshing around in a glass bowl at a party – the kind with IMPACT. The BEAT in Beat-'em-UpThe BIFF, WHAM, CRACK!!! delivered neatly by your favourite superhero to a villain's smirking countenance.

Hit & Punch empowers you with a battery of 500 potent fighting, motion and impact sounds, perfect for fighting games, brawlers, FPS, RPGs and more – any game where dukes are raised and fisticuffs ensue. WHAM!!!


You could wield the awesome power of:

  • 264 potent punches. 88 punches in 3 variants: light, medium, heavy – instantly add dynamism and variety to your game.
  • 137 varied impact SFX: Brutal hits, electric fists, jaw breaking cracks, metallic thuds, flesh-smooshing squelches, heavy thuds, and more!
  • BONUS: 100+ sounds to compliment the core library. Jabs, whooshes, scratches, clothing rustle, snaps, stylised vocal exertion, and others, giving you all you need to furnish your game with visceral combat sound.
  • Royalty-free – use the sounds in commercial  and non-commercial products.
  • High-quality 24-bit/96kHz and 16-bit/44kHz versions included. Recorded with high-end mics and gear.
  • Free updates for existing owners.
  • Made with care, drawing from over 10 years experience making games (including contribution to 7 Global iOS/Android #1's)
  • Recently Remastered! All sounds have been refined with the knowledge and tools I've gained since launching the library. I've also added a PDF overview of the library, with tips on mixing the sounds.

Anywhere there's the sound of stuff breaking or enemies lookin' for a bad time, a couple bruises and a bandaid, Hit & Punch has your back. It's a lean, mean fighting machine. And it could be yours – don't miss out!


Buy Now$19.00 USD or more

In order to download this Sound Library you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Shapeforms HIT AND PUNCH 16 44.zip 24 MB
Shapeforms HIT AND PUNCH 24 96.zip 77 MB

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My rating review hasn't appeared. Just going to copy/paste it below.


These and all of Shapeforms audio packs are fantastic. They're full of hidden gems that I knew I had to buy after listening to the demo. I just bought two bundles and I'm not disappointed! I'm going to be using a bunch of these sounds in my VR game inspired by Hotline Miami. Let me know if you're like me to put this review on all the other packs. By any chance do you have plans to release packs of the following? :)

- More Vocal exertion distorted + more juicy Quake 1 style giblets

- Non sci fi hit markers

- Non sci fi weapons? Your designed sci fi weapons are insane... Unfortunately I'm not making a sci fi based game.

Great work. Very happy customer 👍

Wow, thanks so much for the kind words and review, I really appreciate it – definitely made my day :D I checked out your devlogs, the game is looking super cool, I dig the aesthetic and CRT character designs.

Regarding the packs, it's a yes to all of the above!
I've started work on a gore pack (full of giblet goodness) and others including melee and bow & arrow combat packs. These are all a little while off though, but I'll try prioritise them as much as possible.

More distorted vocal exertion is a great idea, I could potentially add to Hit & Punch in an update to expand the range. I've started work on a free update with new styles of hits and hoping to add some body-falls too.

Thanks again, will be keeping an eye on your game as it develops!

No worries, very well deserved :) Thanks for checking out my game!

This all sounds great, looking forward to it.

Hey there, your game looks cool, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be getting an Oculus Quest 2, so if you need someone for testing at some point, just contact me.

Hey! Thank you for the comment, it means a lot.(sorry just noticed this!) I hope to eventually get on the Quest! I'll let you know.



I have been working on a simple fighting game for the past 3 weeks. I used this library and I really enjoyed it (even though I used a small portion of it). I surely will use it in future projects.

If you want to check it out, just follow this link: https://aresprojects.itch.io/stick-fighter

Have a nice one!


Hey, thanks so much for your kind words and sharing your game!

I just checked it out, looks a fun project to work on (and play!) Always had a soft spot for 2D fighters. All the best!