Cassette launched, and new audio bundle!

Hi game devs,

I'm happy to announce the launch of a new sound library, Cassette! Great for adding a bit of grit and character to your projects, it's available now and included in the new Shapeforms Audio bundle – get all 3 sound libraries and save over 50%! This effectively scores you 2 extra libraries, including Cassette, for $1 – don't miss out!

Cassette is a library of 205 portable tape recorder, cassette, rewind, slow-down and noise sounds for your project's time manipulation events, cutscene and in-game foley, UI or as source for mechanical and sci-fi sound design.

  • 50 Button presses with and without tape and device noise.
  • 71 Designed rewind, fast-forward and tape stop effects, excellent for entering or exiting time manipulation sequences. Includes vinyl scratch style effects.
  • 32 Cassette rattle and handling sounds great for cutscene foley or in-game collectibles.
  • 7 Seamless tape playback/rewind loops for in-game comms devices or tape playback foley.
  • 35 Load and remove cassette, close deck, open case and mechanism sounds.
  • BONUS 10 EMF and tape noise samples (~4 mins)The unique sound of electromagnetic fields recorded directly onto tape. Great for adding convincing grit to comms devices, eerie transmissions from the ether in horror and sci-fi titles, fodder for further sound design, or as ambient environmental noise.

  • 96kHz / 24-bit audio allows for further mangling and sound design.
  • Royalty-free. Use the sounds in commercial or non-commercial projects.
  • Mono & Stereo (mixed) source, WAV format. BWF & Soundminer metadata.


Shapeforms 173 MB
Dec 02, 2019

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